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Sometimes called a cancer or a poison, the iAd (incurable Apathy disorder) only wants to do one thing. No, not entertain. Look good, get paid, and get pushed to the moon. Nobody has as much talent as us.

And we're gonna bitch slap anybody who disagrees with us.

Destroying all feds in the name of putting ourselves over. We are the few, the talented, the greatest sports entertainers on the planet.

Seriously, what is Mystery Sports Entertainment Theater 3000?

Simple enough. Back in 2002, two of the "best brains" behind Brawlers On a Budget — Steve Skeet (writer for Seth Harker) and John Leary (writer for Trey Vincent) — began collaborating on Mystery Science Theater 3000-style shows (along with their robot friends Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot and Comabot). Instead of making fun of bad movies, the goal of our MST3K is to ruthlessly make fun of efeds. The worst e-feds. The most horrible, boring e-federations on the planet. In case you couldn't tell, we're also both pretty big fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Sadly, it's getting harder to find really crappy efeds these days, thus shows have been few and far between. If you know of any bad efeds that deserve to be made fun of, drop us an e-mail.

For info on Mystery Science Theater 3000, check out these sites:


-Leary & Skeeter


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